Lightroom the Easy Way – Set-up 

What’s up everyone. I have put together 5 videos on the basics of Lightroom. It’s a great way to get you started in organizing and editing your photos.

Just follow these five easy steps1. Set-up
3. Import 

5. organize 

7. edit 

8. share 

In today’s post we will focus on the set-up
Before you set-up and start using Lightroom first decide where you would like to actually keep all your photos. 
Do you want to keep them in your computer? Would you rather have them on an external hard drive? Do you need to separate business from family photos? 
These are all questions to keep in mind before you set up. 
In Lightroom your photos live and are organized inside a catalog. You can have a catalogue for your business and another catalog for say private photos. 

Now I am sharing my way of doing this other people might say I’m crazy. But you know what… This is a lot easier and straight forward to me. This is how I do it. 

The best way I feel to organize in Lightroom is to follow this hierarchy, Folder ->Catalog

First find the place where you want to save these photos. Than make a new folder there and give it a name. I usually think if it is for your business and clients make a call it “client” folder. If you want to build a private one call it “private”. I think you got it. Key thing here is to separate your business from private. 

Once you have created the folders open up Lightroom. From the file menu create a new catalogue. Select the folder you created in the previous step. You will want to create a new catalogue for each of the folders you created. 

From this point forward you will be able to choose which catalogue it is you want to work from. 

And that is how I set-up Lightroom for organizing my photographs. The next step will be to import in the photos. 

We will be discussing that in our next blog post. 

Thanks for your time today. I’ll see you on the next round. 


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